OK Lim’s GCB At Second Avenue Sold For $33.39mil

The GCB at Second Ave owned by the CEO of already folded business Hin Leong, Lim Oon Kuin and his partner Tan S.E, has actually been sold for $33.39 mil.

It got acquired by Ng Poh Choo, better half of Tan Y.K, the past Executive Chairman of Cogent Hldgs, The Straits Times ST.

Cogent Holdings has actually been removed in ’18, after its $Four hundred Eighty Eight mil obtainment by Cosco Shipping Intl (SGP).

ST mentioned that the $Thirty Three point Three Nine million proposal for the 19,984 square feet house calculates to $1.671K per sq ft.

The Landmark Floor Plan

“The buyer put up a front money yesterday and has not chosen if to rebuild the real estate,” Mary Sai, ED of Capital Markets at Knight Frank Singapore, the freehold real estate’s advertising rep, explained to Straits Times

The Bukit Timah residential property, which is on a court-ordered asset suspend order, was launched available by tender that terminated on 30September.

Preceding the introduce of the tender, the house went through a $31 mil proposal. Previous yr, it was disclosed that the Good Class Bungalow got its very first deal at $Twenty Seven mil.

The tender launch developed as Hin Leong’s judicial managers-turned-liquidators– who in May’20 received a Mareva charge to freeze the assets of Lim family across the world as high as a worth of US$3.5 billion– desired the deal process to be “extremely clear and open to a vast network of homebuyers”, shared Sai.

Steve Tay, Snr Partner VP of List Sotheby’s, detailed the $33.39 million deal as “a good amount”.

“In at present’s market, 20,000 sq ft land parcels which are selling listed below $40 million are limited in supply,” he stated as quoted by The Straits Times.

This remains in review of the $86 mil acquisition of a residential property inside of the proximate Queen Astrid Park Good Class Bungalow zone by Chew Shou Zi, the President of Chinese video-sharing app TikTok.

The cost turns to more or less $2thousand 7hundred 4 per sq ft depended on the acreage of around Thirty One thousand Eight hundred square feet.

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